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Since its launch in 2018, PayHalal is growing faster than almost any other e payment gateway company in terms Shariah compliance . It is estimated that over 3,000,000 Muslims users will sign up for PayHalal’s services , more than RM480,000,000 Payment transaction will go through the PayHalal Islamic financial engine second quarter 2019, and thou- sands of individuals and businesses from across the globe come to PayHalal looking for a solution to meet their online Islamic payment needs. PayHalal will be available in over 35 countries serving the underserved Muslim Consumer base and carrying out transactions in 17 currencies, with even broader expansion planned for the future. PayHalal is currently the world’s leading Islamic global payment gateway processing clearing and making settlement according to Sirot (a proprietary Shariah method), and it is clear that PayHalal is creating the new standard Islamic online payments.

PayHalal’s role extends merely beyond facilitating payments e commerce companies like alibaba, ebay etc .The most important role PayHalal plays is to protect Muslims online by ensuring the following- PayHalal guarantees that the money that goes through PayHalal payment gateway is not tainted. These guarantee is possible because our payment process is untainted with riba-element eg we use Islamic trust/deposit account while the secular Payment gateways use conventional Financial instruments, the hibah we give merchant is based on returns derived from islamic investments, etc.

For Muslim owned and Muslim led Merchants, PayHalal helps them keep their income untainted, thus give them peace of mind in their business dealings.