Mohammad Mihaj Khokhar

Chairman & CEO, PK2100

Minhaj is a Technology Business Consultant who specializes in Establishing Industries. A scientist, an engineer, a university teacher with keen eye for business development and entrepreneurship; he lives on a 61-acre mountain top farm in Silicon Valley. He has access to some of the latest technologies, some of the brightest minds, and some of the best markets of Silicon Valley. Building products and industries require deep thinking. He develops products but establishes industries out of those products. For 5.5 years, he worked with Dr. Mahathir Mohamad of Malaysia and helped build their Microchip Design and Venture Capital industries bringing benefits in billions. Previously, he was President of the Muslim Business Chamber of North America.

He is currently establishing World’s First Red Solar +Aquaponic + Preparatory technologies centers in Pakistan, Malaysia, USA and planning for 12 more countries, leading to millions of hectares of land production. “We are developing Solarized Precision Agriculture whereby vegetables can be cultivated and harvested throughout the year. We do not modify the seed or use harsh chemicals; we alter and control the environment by use of solarized greenhouses and other technologies. This is the future of agriculture and we have standing orders of projects amounting to $1.8 billion. Green Energy and Agriculture has attracted $3 trillion funds, but we are seeking investment partners and talents from the Muslim world now”.