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Shamsi Baba

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Summers are getting hotter and winter harsher with droughts and flooding rains. Fossil fuel use in the last hundred years have added an immense heat trapping CO2 in the atmosphere causing agriculture failures all over the world. How to grow inexpensive organic and super organic food in the era of Climate Change Crisis (C3)? Vertical and Indoor Farming with harnessing of sun energy is going to be as common as electric vehicles. Shamsi Baba is a pioneering Silicon Valley company that has applied physics to produce electricity and food simultaneously. In fact, it has combined 7 cutting-edge technologies of Red Solar + Aquaponics (fish waste) + Microchip Sensors, IoT, AI Analytics + and others disclosed to our partners only.

Result of combining all these technologies and methodologies is:  Pesticides and Synthetic Fertilizers-free, super organic quality agriculture at 64 times more production than normally achieved in open fields. Our technology uses only less than 10% of the water. In fact, at one of our partner’s center, 60,000 gallons of same water is now 5 years in circulation.

Acre per acre, our cost is less than 50% while production is more than 50 times. We provide solutions from roof top to multiple hectares of farms that run on solar + battery storage energy. Stand alone solar projects are also established for public and private properties and buildings. Join this early-stage but a game-changing company with investments and talent.