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Al Waseelah

Al Waseelah (AW) is a UK based Islamic issuance and securitization platform.

The key aspects of AW are set out below:

  i)   Shari’a Compliance: AW is [probably] ‘one of its kind’ open architecture and fully Shari’a         compliant issuance and securitization platform.

  ii)  Independent: AW is completely independent of any financial institution.

  iii)  UK based: AW is based in the UK and uses English Law as its jurisdiction, which not only well          known but also have more than 600 years of precedence.

  iv)  Flexible: AW has a very flexible approach to securitization and it can securitize any Sharia compliant asset

        (e.g. real estate) or any Shari’a compliant structure, including Wa’dbased structures, Wakala, Ijara,

        Murabaha etc.

  v)   Protected: Each transaction on AW will be booked in a legally segregated bankruptcy remote cell of a UK plc.

  vi)  Cost & Time efficient:  Setting up securitization vehicles can be cost and time intensive. AW offers cost and

         time effective ‘one stop’ solution to all its clients.